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Renovate Your Pool with Custom Pool Decking

The Northeastern winters can be hard on your pool decking causing it to become cracked, worn and tired looking. Renovating your pool with custom pool decking from Anthony & Sylvan Pools in Doylestown can breathe new life into your backyard and make it safer for your family and guests.

When looking to replace your pool decking with a new material, it’s important to consider whether the materials will be cool to the touch, are textured enough to not become slippery when wet, and whether the aesthetics of the material complement your overall pool design.

While decking color and texture choices are extensive, pool decking commonly comes in a few different base materials such as concrete, brick or stone – each with their own unique properties and appeal that they can bring to your space.

Concrete Swimming Pool Decking

Concrete is a very popular and economical choice as the price per square foot is cost-effective. While plain-poured concrete is a great option, you can easily customize the concrete of your deck to upgrade your design.

Consider adding more texture to the concrete for increased traction and safety. For added visual interest, you can color the concrete, have it stamped with a design, or imitate the look of stone or pavers. Concrete is a flexible material that offers a wide variety of options.

Stone Swimming Pool Decking

Weather-resistant, non-slip and very durable, stone pavers are a great, natural looking option for pool decking. You can choose from slate, travertine, limestone and more to lend a unique look and feel to your overall design.

Stone pavers come in a variety of sizes and can be laid in an endless number of patterns and designs. They can also be more easily removed and replaced if one becomes damaged or needs to be removed to access underground plumbing or electrical components for repairs.

Brick Swimming Pool Decking

Brick is a smart decking option for homes and pools where brick is heavily featured as an architectural or design element. It is slip-resistant and can form a range of patterns from simple to very intricate.

If you want a more modern look, tile is an excellent choice and offers an opportunity to personalize with different colors, sizes and even mosaic inlay designs.

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