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Renovation Project: Update Pool Coping to Transform an Inground Pool

Anthony & Sylvan Pools not only builds top quality pools, it also restores and revitalizes older pools, helping them look new again. One great way to transform your pool without breaking the bank is updating the pool coping.

Pool coping is the term used to describe the material (usually brick, stone or concrete) found above the tile line. It’s used to cover the top of the pool’s structure or to “cap” the pool shell wall. Many people think of it as the outline of the pool that you can see when looking down at the entire pool.

The team at Anthony & Sylvan Pools has recently completed several restoration projects where just simply updating the pool coping helped turn an older pool into a backyard “wow.” Check out these Doylestown, Pennsylvania, pool renovation projects below:

Bondisky, PA: Freeform Pool Coping Renovation



This Pennsylvania freeform inground pool was in need of new and updated pool coping. The previous white perimeter was replaced with beautiful brick coping, providing a pop of color and enhancing the stunning blue of the pool finish.

Crowley, PA: Inground Pool Renovation


Unfinished and unused, this Crowley, Pennsylvania, inground pool needed a lot of work before it was ready to be enjoyed. The Anthony & Sylvan Pools renovators at our Doylestown location surrounded the pool with new natural stone coping, stamped concrete decking and a gentle rock waterfall for a polished look.

Allen, PA: Pool Renovation with New Pool Decking and Coping


This worn freeform pool was revitalized with pool new coping and decking. The discolored stamped concrete decking and worn coping were replaced with beautiful cantilever concrete coping and decking, stamped in a geometric tiling pattern.

Renovate Your Pool with Anthony & Sylvan Pools in Pennsylvania

Whether you want to update old coping or completely revitalize the face of your backyard pool, the renovation experts at Anthony & Sylvan Pools can help. Speak with one of our Renovation Consultants today and you’ll be diving into your new updated pool in no time. Call our Doylestown location at (215) 489-5600 or contact us online for a free pool consultation.