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Why Anthony & Sylvan is Philadelphia’s Favorite Pool Renovation Company

If you have an older pool that needs a proper make over, Anthony and Sylvan is the best pool renovation company in Philadelphia. Besides designing and building custom pools from the ground up, we also service old pool properties. We have the expertise and resources to bring your old pool back to a pristine condition.

Enjoy a day of swimming in the summer or a relaxing spa day in your personal spa. We can repair excessive structural or cosmetic damage, so you can get back in the water. Learn more about how we can transform your property and why we are Philadelphia’s favorite pool renovators.

Renovate or Upgrade Your Swimming Pool in Philadelphia

Working with Anthony and Sylvan means you will have endless pool remodeling options. Whether you want to upgrade you pool new tile or customize your decking with premium LED lighting, we can provide the infrastructure to execute your vision.

Many older pools need new decking or coping. We can renovate your pool with brand new brick, stone, or cantilever concrete coping, so your pool will look brand new. You can also update your inground pool with an exotic pebble finish, including stellar blue, green, black, and pearl options.

Interested in a spectacular rock waterfall in your own backyard? Install custom water features from laminar jets to sheer descent waterfalls and transform your backyard into a tropical paradise.

Install New Pool Equipment in Philadelphia for an Eco-Friendly Swim

While you are upgrading your decking or coping, install new pool equipment, so your pool has cleaner water while you save money. Upgrade your pool pump to help filter out pool debris and contaminants while circulating cleaner water into your pool.

We also offer a selection of the best filters on the market. Pool filters trap debris while creating a healthier environment for your family and the A&S filters remove small particulates from the pool making it healthier to use. Finally, we can install a brand new heater in your pool. Enjoy water at a perfect temperature that you can easily adjust throughout the year. Best of all, we stock and supply only the most efficient, eco-friendly products on the market.

Plan a Consultation and Begin Renovating Your Pool Today

If you are ready to transform your old pool into a spectacular backyard paradise you love again, contact us online to schedule a consultation in Philadelphia. Speak to a professional pool renovation expert. We can schedule a time to review your unique situation and start planning the best solution for your property.

Learn more about some of our past clients’ renovation experiences. Find out our unique approach to always put the customer first and cater to their specific renovation expectations. Plan your free consultation today and give us a call at (215) 489-5600.