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Updating Your Pennsylvania Pool’s Finish

Pools are refreshing sanctuaries in backyards throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Whether you use your pool for exercise, entertainment, or relaxation – it should be a rejuvenating swimming pool to dive into. If your pool is older or run-down, consider updating the interior finish for a new, cleaner look and feel. Updating your pool with a high-quality finish from Anthony & Sylvan will also improve the durability of your pool investment.

Whether you’re updating your pool’s finish because it’s outdated or you’re just looking for something new, the experts at Anthony & Sylvan can help. With a variety of pool finishes to choose from, pool owners can create the exact backyard oasis they’re looking for.

Swimming Pool Tile Mosaics

Using tile mosiacs to customize your pool’s finish is a great way to add your personal touch. Whether you want to create a custom mosaic, standard pattern, or pop of color to your pool, tile is a great way to accomplish that. A tile material, like porcelain, is perfect for swimming pools because they are dense and don’t absorb any water. Tile mosaics are a durable and low-maintenance material that really helps personalize your swimming pool.

Traditional Plaster Pool Finish

If you’re looking for a classic pool finish, plaster is the way to go. Offering endless color options along with the classic white, plaster should never be overlooked. This simple mixture of cement, marble aggregate and water is a primarily economical choice for owners who want to give their swimming pool a classic look. Plaster is a long-lasting finish that allows for a simple update that can make all the difference.

Luxurious, Modern Pool Finish: Aggregate

Aggregate has become one of the most popular pool finishes. It is similar to plaster, as it is a mixture of materials including river stones or glass beads. Aggregate can give your pool a luxurious feel and is more resilient to harsh chemicals than the traditional plaster finish. With a range of colors and textures, aggregate can make your swimming pool one-of-a-kind.

Renovate Your Pennsylvania Pool’s Finish with Anthony and Sylvan Pools

Get your Pennsylvania pool back to its best by updating the finish with Anthony & Sylvan. After years of wear and tear, pools tend to look dated, start to show signs of wear, or just get boring. The experts at Anthony & Sylvan can help you update your pool with quality finishes that bring your pool back to life.

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