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Amazing Allentown, Pennsylvania Pool Renovations

Just an hour outside of Allentown, Pennsylvania, you have the best pool renovators in the state and possibly the nation. Anthony & Sylvan has been renovating inground swimming pools for many years, transforming them from old to new. If your pool is in need of a renovation, contact our pool company for the most outstanding service.

We have brought many pools to life using the highest quality materials in the business. Check out a few examples of our renovations and reach out to us if your pool needs a refresh.

Pool Decking from Old to New

With the Pennsylvania weather, homeowners need an inground pool that can handle the fluctuating temperatures. As you can see, this free form pool needed a serious update. The decking and diving board were completely worn and needed new material to make it clean and fresh again. With decking, it should always be non-slippery and easy on the feet while also handling the heat and snow. If you’re having these problems with your pool deck, Anthony & Sylvan can fix it to last for many years!

A Spa Transformation

Signs of wear and tear on this spa were evident before our pool renovators fixed it right up. The pool itself was worn and full of black mold, while the tiles of the spa were damaged and outdated. We made this backyard pool swimmable again by updating the spa with beautiful stone and spillway for a nice touch. Our pool experts also replaced the interior finish, leaving a dazzling pool that is ready to jump in!

Makeover of a Lifetime

Before, this Allentown pool was dark and lifeless, but now it’s as good as new! Here, we added pool lighting to create a more inviting and exciting swim environment! We also updated the decking and tile surrounding the pool and spa for a fresh makeover. Breathe life back into your current pool if it needs an upgrade with these special changes.

Renovate Your Pool at Anthony & Sylvan in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Our team of expert pool renovators can handle the challenge of making your pool enjoyable again. The best part? Your pool does not have to be an Anthony & Sylvan creation for us to renovate your pool. If your pool is worn, damaged, or just needs a positive change, our company can give you multiple renovation options that will have you loving your pool again. We can fix up any pool in Allentown, Pennsylvania! Contact us today for a free consultation by sending us a contact form or calling (215) 489-5600.