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Popular Pennsylvania Pool Decking Options

Renovating or updating decking can improve a pool area and breathe new life into your backyard. The Pennsylvania weather can be harsh during winter months, and high usage can cause wear and tear during the summer. This can require decking and coping to be replaced or renovated occasionally. Decking should always be easy on feet, not slippery when wet, and resist heat absorption.

Our pool professionals install and renovate decking properly, avoiding future issues. Anthony & Sylvan offers beautiful coping, stamped concrete and pavers for decking options.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete comes in many colors and textures and is used to mimic the appearance of pavers or natural materials. It can complement any type of home and create virtually any look a homeowner is trying to achieve. It is cost effective and is sealed to protect against pool chemicals. Stamped concrete should be resealed every 2 or 3 years to help lengthen its duration.


Pavers are interlocking paving stones that come in manufactured or natural materials like stone, brick, travertine, and slate. Pavers are individual pieces so they can be spot replaced, added to, or removed very easily. Pavers add a high end look to any pool area. They offer good traction for feet and are an attractive decking option that can remain cool to the touch.


Coping is the stone or paver pieces we see bordering the perimeter of pools. Coping integrates the edges of pools with decking, avoiding harsh ledges and capping the pool shell. It allows swimmers to hold on to a cool surface and distinguishes where the deck begins for added safety. Coping comes in brick, stone, concrete, and paver options. Adding coping can further customize your pool area.

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